Tanya Dishes All on Lucky Charms’ First Night Stay

We spy Lucky Charms in the background there! Tanya Rad dished to Ryan Seacrest and Sisanie all the goods on-air on Tuesday, July 30, after mystery man "Lucky Charms" touched down in Los Angeles Monday night. ICYMI, Tanya’s crush is staying with her for the week. They met through a work event and have been dating long distance and virtually for about a month until now. 

“The group chat really blessed my heart [last night] because I was a little bit nervous as he was on approach,” Tanya told Ryan and Sisanie on-air, recalling the evening. 

To welcome the mystery man, whom we’ve since dubbed Lucky Charms, Tanya shared she put out a charcuterie board and opened a bottle of wine. 

Ryan’s first topic of debate was that Tanya drank a glass of the wine prior to his arrival. Tanya explained she had a glass with a girlfriend to ease her nerves before he showed up, which, obvs, we understand. 

“He buzzed in and I buzzed him in and we just hugged for a long time,” Tanya continued, giving us all the deets. “… It was like a long hug and like ‘You’re real.’ ... Then we go to dinner and dinner is great … more wine and then we come back home and it’s probably like 9 and it was … weirdly so comfortable and easy.”


Tanya added that he put his bags in the guest room, but ended up staying in her room. 

“He's very respectful and aware about my boundaries that I’ve set,” she concluded, revealing they stayed up till 1 AM.

The cutest moment of the night though as per request by Ryan?


“He held my face and was like ‘You’re real’ and then kissed me.”

Cue the AWWWs! 😭😭😭

Listen back to the audio above to hear more and stay tuned for the rest of the week because you know you're also living through this

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