Tanya Rad’s Neighbor Chiké to Check In on “Lucky Charms” Visit


Lucky charms is arriving and we’ve got eyes on the ground 😂 Ryan Seacrest connected with Tanya Rad’s neighbor Chiké on Monday, July 29, ahead of her mystery man Lucky Charms’ arrival and we officially have our source in place.

In case you missed it, Tanya invited Lucky Charms to stay with her while he’s in town after they’ve been dating virtually for a couple of weeks now. The duo first connected through a work event and had a successful six-hour long first FaceTime date, but since then, the two haven’t hung out socially before, so we’ve got Chiké on standby as neighborhood watch.  

“My parents have met Chiké multiple times and my mom tells me [all the time], ‘I just feel so safe knowing that Chiké lives right next to you,’” Tanya explained of her neighbor, who also just so happens to be an attractive actor. 


“When the earthquake happened, the very first thing I thought was, ‘I hope Tanya is OK,’” Chiké adorably revealed. “… So this is easy. … Maybe Tuesday evening I might just happen to be walking by and say, ‘Hey! What’s going on?’ I can scope out the situation — I’m very good at reading energy.”

Oh, this is gonna be good 😂

Watch back the on-air moment above and stay tuned for more updates this week!

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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