Dr. Screen Time Is Coming to Visit Tanya and We’re Freaking Out


The mystery man Tanya Rad is dating, Dr. Screen Time, is coming to visit and staying at Tanya’s house and Ryan Seacrest is “heated” after just now finding out. It all came up on-air on Thursday, July 25, after Tanya mentioned that Dr. Screen Time will be staying with her for three nights next week and during the work week.

“I’ve just stumbled upon some really great breaking news,” Ryan said. “… [Dr. Screen Time] is coming to town, I’ve just discovered, and he’s coming on a Monday which isn’t my favorite plan …” 

Ryan made the argument that it’s all too much pressure, especially since he’ll be staying with Tanya. He then joked we have to start preparing now.

“Well, lets start with the rules,” he jokingly said. “No dairy products starting now. If he wants to go out for ice cream, you fight it and you stay home and have popcorn … We don’t have enough time to prepare — she has apple stuck in her retainer!”

(Yes, Tanya currently has a piece of apple stuck in her permanent retainer 😂 but that's beside the fact)

“I already made my decision and I’m excited about it,” Tanya stated, revealing she also “already got his favorite cereal,” which is Lucky Charms. 

“I wanted it to be Grape Nuts so badly,” Seacrest added. “Grape Nuts says mature and responsible; Lucky Charms says irresponsible and I’m staying with her [instead of at a hotel].”

The cereal convo then led to Ryan wanting to change Dr. Screen Time’s nickname to jokingly either Leprechaun or Lucky Charms. 

“Can we decide this based on audience reaction? This is a democracy. This is not just a ‘we,’” he told Sisanie and Tanya after the girls opted for Lucky Charms. “This is a democracy so please cast your vote: The Leprechaun or Lucky Charms.”

Watch back the on-air moment above and vote which nickname you think is best on social @OnAirWithRyan

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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