Sisanie: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff When It Comes to Being a Mom!

Sisanies twins Maxon and Aiza are almost 5 months! In Sisanie’s latest “New Mom Monday” update, the first-time mom of two shared with Ryan Seacrest that yes, it was hard to leave the twins for the first time for the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas this past weekend, but she had a blast. 

That said, leaving the twins for a weekend meant that her husband, Michael, was left solo to parent — and pick out their clothes 😂

Sisanie explained to Ryan on-air as part of our "New Mom Monday" update that she purchased a beautiful dress for Aiza to wear to a birthday party this weekend but forgot to tell Michael about it...

“Don’t sweat the small stuff,” Sis continued of the best new mom tip she’s learned. “I think in general I’m sometimes try to be organized [etc.] so I’m learning to just let go and let it be … I bought this really beautiful dress, but forgot to tell Michael about it so he took [Aiza] to the party in a Chargers [football] onesie and I was like ‘I had a dress!’”

The twins have also hit another milestone — they learned to roll over! Listen back to the audio above for more and stay tuned for next week’s update

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