I Missed My Flight Home From The iHeartRadio Music Festival

Well, as you likely know, the iHeartRadio Music Festival was this weekend and there's so much to recap, I'm not even sure where to begin.

We flew in Thursday evening and pretty much hit the ground running.

After settling into the hotel, Tanya and I had a girl's night in the hotel and ordered room service. She decided to sleep over and just NEVER checked into her hotel... oops! I also had to force her to put on pajamas because she fully planned on sleeping naked.

Friday morning we did our radio broadcast from the Aria hotel... in our pajamas. It was AMAZING, I wish we did the radio show like a slumber party every day.

After the show ended, we had a little down time before Tanya, Ryan and I got lunch together and then we all ran off to prepare for night one of the festival! 

Schedule to perform on Friday night was: Fleetwood Mac, Childish Gambino, Mariah Carey, Jack White, Jason Aldean, Sam Smith, Panic! At The Disco, Kygo, Rae Sremmurd, and Macy's Rising Star winners Heffron Drive.

Buuut Sam Smith ended up having to cancel last minute because of a health scare, but good news for all scheduled to see him on the rest of his tour, he is going to be OK and won't have to cancel any shows!

Friday night, Tanya and I welcomed the crowd to the show and Tanya, Ryan and I were scheduled to have a photo shoot! It was so much fun... until we found out that we went to the wrong room and did photos with the wrong photographer. So who knows if we will ever see those photos again...

Friday night my favorites were Childish Gambino (he apparently had a cast on his leg back stage and took it off just to perform?!) and Mariah Carey. I mean, she is a legend! And she looks SO GREAT.

 I went home after the show ended and went to bed, I was exhausted!

Saturday morning, I got up and was actually able to relax a little bit before heading to the Day Stage where Tanya and I introduced 5 Seconds of Summer with THE ONE AND ONLY Lance Bass!

We welcomed the crowd to T-Mobile arena again on Saturday night, I watched the entire show, we did ANOTHER photo shoot (the right one this time!!) and I got to thank Logic for the sweet gift he sent to my twins when I first had them!

After the show, things got a little wild. I went to TWO different after parties that were incredible, and then I hosted another after-after-after party in my hotel room with some friends... and I had so much fun that I completely slept through my alarm and missed my flight.


I had so much to do yesterday when I got home, so I had to end up booking the next possible flight and spending a LOT of money. But hey! I got home and made it to the bridal shower I had and got to be back home with my babies and my husband!


Were you there?! Tell me all about your experience!

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