Sisanie Reveals The Best Mom Tip She’s Learned So Far and More

New segment alert! Today marks our first “New Mom Monday” update with Sisanie! Each Monday, we’re going to get an in-depth update on Sis’ life as mom to twins Aiza and Maxon. Ryan Seacrest’s co-host will fill out the below questionnaire, a la her weekly pregnancy update #HumpDayBumpDay, and this week she’s sharing the best mom tip she’s learned so far and more. 

Aiza and Maxon, who are 17 weeks old, are entering the teething phase and Sis has returned to work — aka, she’s got her hands full! 

While little Maxon is successfully sleeping through the night, his partner-in-crime Aiza isn’t there yet. But Sis learned a smart tip — no mid-sleep milk treat!

Sisanie explained on-air and in the below update that her pediatrician recommended she give Aiza water in the middle of the night instead of milk. 

“It’s not as exciting as milk so she won’t want to wake up for it,” Sisanie explained, confirming that she’s already noticed a big difference.  

She also has, understandably so, suffered a meltdown or two.

“I don’t know why, but I just needed to cry,” Sis shared, adding that's yet to venture out of the house with both kids alone. 


“Leaving the house with the twins is a lot of work!” Sisanie added. “And I have yet to venture out alone with two of them … If I have to run errands, I’ll just bring Aiza … I’m too scared still. I haven’t left the house yet with my kids — I think that’s weird!”


Listen back to the audio above for more and stay tuned for next Monday’s update. Use the hashtag #NewMomMonday as well to join the convo!  

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