I'm Leaving The Twins For The First Time!

Fellow moms out there, I'm going to need some support on this! Because this weekend is the first time I'm going to be leaving my twins Aiza and Maxon for the first time, and I have to be away from them for THREE whole nights!

Obviously I have spent a little time away from them over the last 4 months, but nothing more than a couple hours here and there. This time it's 3 days and 3 nights. Luckily, my husband Michael is able to stay back with them while I work in Vegas for the weekend at our iHeartRadio Music Festival.

I went back and forth about bringing them or not bringing them but ultimately Michael and I decided it’s best if they don’t go. There's just SO much that goes into bringing them, and I wouldn't get to see them very much because of work! So, he’s staying in LA with them and we have tons of family coming to the house to help out with the twins all weekend long.

I’m sad because I will miss them AND my husband, but I'm also very confident that Michael’s got this on his own! He's such a good dad and definitely knows what he is doing... but the only thing I'm worried about is what he is going to dress them in. I'm pretty specific about my outfits for them, Michael is less so.

I did realize, though, that this will be the first weekend where I really use FaceTime regularly! I'm sure every chance I get I will be FaceTiming Michael or any of my family members who are coming by in order to see what the babies are doing and talk to them!

Wow, I miss them already and I haven't even gotten to the airport yet!

Moms, any tips on getting through the first weekend away? I know they are safe and being taken care of, but I'm just not used to be away from them!!

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