Sisanie’s Husband Shares How the Twins Communicate and It’s Too Cute

Cue Super Mom! Sisanie’s husband Michael phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, May 23, and shared not only how twins Aiza and Maxon connect and communicate with each other at a wee three-weeks-old, but also how Sis managed leaving the house alone for the first time. 

“Right now, they make very little sounds, they more stare at each other and they definitely lock legs and lock arms,” Michael said of the twins' bond. “They’re touching and being next to each other — they like to be next to each other.”

Michael is back at work after taking a brief portion of his leave, but shared with Ryan and Tanya Rad that Sis is managing just fine. 


“She’s just amazing,” Michael gushed. “She had her first outing with the babies. I’m usually there at the doctors appointment but she had her own doctor appointment and she’s like I’m just going to take the babies with me — she’s cleared to move around and take them — and I was so impressed. I was really nervous. She did a great job. She took them out and brought them back home and they were good, they love the car. She’s super mom!


The duo are also getting out of the house more, taking Aiza and Maxon on walks around the neighborhood.  


“Hair’s a mess... but we finally managed to get out of the house today. #sismictwins,” Sis shared on Instagram over the weekend. 

Listen to Michael’s update to hear more in the audio above and stay tuned for next week’s #StalkingSisanie post!

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