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Sisanie Welcomes Twins! Get All the Details

UPDATE: Michael shares with On Air With Ryan Seacrest that they’re “elated” and happy to announce they’ve welcomed a healthy baby boy, Maxon Jae, and a healthy baby girl, Aiza Delmar, while surrounded and supported by family.


They’re here! Ryan Seacrest’s cohost Sisanie has welcomed twins with her husband, Michael

Our girl Sis went into labor on Wednesday, May 2, around 2 pm PT and welcomed twin A and twin B shortly after. Sis and Michael’s daughter, who according to family "looks just like Michael!", was born first and then their son.

Sisanie has shared her struggles and candid journey to motherhood on-air since revealing in 2016 that she suffered a miscarriage. In November 2017, Sis surprised Ryan and the rest of the on-air team, revealing not only that she was pregnant — but with twins!

“We have big news that I want to share with all of you and that is I am pregnant,” Sis shared at the time. “And it’s an incredible feeling. … When we first found out, it’s crazy to think, because we were scared … every milestone we reached was another breath of fresh air … and the craziest part was they’re like, ‘OK, you want to hear the heartbeat? And I was like, ‘Yeah! Of course!’ So we heard the heartbeat and it was awesome and then we heard the other heartbeat — I’m having twins!”

Sis added that her twins came as a double blessing. 

“God works in mysterious ways,” she said. “I feel like he’s giving me back the one I lost.” 

In January, Sis revealed she was expecting a baby girl and boy. Sisanie, along with the help of Tanya, made the gender announcement on-air by popping adorable gender reveal push-pops which exploded with blue and pink glitter.

If you've been following along on Sisanie's journey to motherhood, you'll also know that Ryan not only won the gender bet, but also the babies' due date bet! Ryan guessed May 2, which means he gets to text whatever he wants from both Patty and Tanya's phones 😂

Sisanie will be off for a couple of months on maternity leave, but we will be keeping listeners up-to-date weekly with a new segment we've dubbed #StalkingSisanie

Stay tuned for more updates! 💕💙