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Sisanie's Husband Michael Teases She Might Be Going Into Labor

We got a big surprise this morning when Sisanie's husband Michael called in after sending an "urgent" text to give us an update on what is happening with Sisanie and the possible arrival of the twins.

While he assured us that he and Sisanie were not parents YET, he did reveal that "things are moving" today.

Michael called in to talk to Ryan from his office, but it doesn't seem like he would be at work for long today. He said they're living a little minute to minute right now and that it "very well could be today."

While, yes, he is still at work, he is keeping tabs on how Sisanie is doing back at home and "when I get the go, I'm leaving."

Of course Ryan is THRILLED to hear that Sisanie may be going into labor today, because he was the one who picked May 2nd for the baby bet (Patty and Tanya have already lost, guessing April 19th and April 27th).

Michael also gave us a little glimpse into life at home right now. 

Sisanie asked him to go to the store to get ingredients to make a cake (because apparently when you're at this stage in the pregnancy you're supposed keep busy with things like making a cake), but it turns out Sisanie was actually making Michael a cake because his birthday is May 6th and wanted to make sure she was able to celebrate his birthday before they "ran out of time."

Sisanie shared videos of making the cake for Michael on her Instagram story:

Michael Birthday Cake 2
Michael's Birthday Cake

As for what else Sisanie has been up to since beginning her maternity leave on Monday?

Not too much! She also shared on Instagram that she woke up SUPER early on the first day, just out of habit, and it looks like she is still craving the cereal with bananas that she was loving before she stopped working.

We miss you Sisanie!! Hopefully you guys have picked out the name for your baby boy... he could be here any minute!

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