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Ryan, Tanya and Patty Bet When Sisanie’s Twins Will Arrive

As we near the arrival of Sisanie’s twins, the on-air team is betting when Twin A and Twin B will arrive! Mama-to-be Sis is currently 32 weeks along and shared that she feels like the twins will arrive before we know it.

In good ol’ family competition fashion, Ryan, Tanya Rad and Patty all bet when they think the little ones will arrive. 

“Normal pregnancy I’d go 40 weeks and my due date would be [X] date,” Sis explained. “My doctor wants me to get to at least 38 weeks so I probably won’t go past 38 weeks — that’s May 16.”

Sisanie added that 80% or so twins are actually born early at week 35 or 36. 

“Week 35 is April 23rd I think. I’m thinking end of this month,” Sis shared of her bet. “I’m thinking they’re coming this month.”

With that info, the gang placed their bets. Patty initially chose April 29th but finalized on April 19th which would be early at week 34. 

“I’m going to say April 27th” Tanya added of her submission, locking her bet in at 35 weeks.

Ryan was going to opt for April 23rd but remembered that’s when the Wango Tango lineup will be announced (😂) and changed his mind to bet end of week 36, locking in May 2.

While Patty wanted the winner to get Bitcoin currency, Tanya is gunning for the winner to be able to text whatever they want from the losers’ phones. 

TBD on what the terms of the wager will be. Help us decide what the losers will have to do in the comments below and let the countdown begin!