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Ryan Seacrest

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Sisanie Reveals Gender of Twins to Ryan — Watch!

Pink or blue? The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Ryan’s pregnant cohost Sisanie revealed the gender of her twins live on-air on Wednesday, January 10 — and Ryan officially won the bet! 

Sisanie is expecting a boy and a girl 💕💙.

If you’ve tuned in, you’ll know that Ryan, Tanya and Patty all took bets on what Sis and her husband, Michael, are expecting. While Tanya bet two girls and Patty two boys, Ryan bet a boy and a girl. 

Sisanie — along with the help of Tanya — announced the news on-air to Ryan and listeners by popping adorable gender reveal push-pops which exploded respectively with blue and pink glitter.

"We're so happy, you have no idea," Sisanie gushed. "It's so exciting. And I'm so happy you guys know now." 

Up next: Naming the babies!

Watch the memorable moment above and click here to read Sisanie’s latest #HumpDayBumpDay update!