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Pregnant Sisanie Feels Twins Kick for the First Time!

posted by Sierra Marquina - 

Sisanie is more than halfway through her pregnancy (given she’s expecting twins) and for this week’s #HumpDayBumpDay, Sis shared that she felt the little munchkins-to-be kick for the first time! 

The babies, at 20 weeks, are now the size of bananas and measure about 10 inches tall from head to toe. 

After craving a 6-layer cake from local bakery Susie Cakes last week, Sis has moved on to a very specific salad — spinach salad with hearts of palm, pine nuts, parmesan cheese and an olive oil/lemon dressing, to be exact 👌🏼.

She's also still suffering some of the not-so glamorous parts of pregnancy, including leg cramps and insomnia.

Find out more in this week's #HumpDayBumpDay below and stay tuned for next week's update! And mamas, sound off in the comments below if you are or have experienced anything similar.

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