Tanya Revisits Medium Tyler Henry's Spot-On Reading Ahead of 33rd Birthday

It’s so spot on we have chills. Tanya Rad turns 33 tomorrow on Saturday, July 18, and Ryan Seacrest looked back at what Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry predicted for our girl back when he was in the studio in February 2018. The E! star accurately pinpointed her 33rd year of life would be a good one, especially romantically.

“33 is coming in and they’re showing me two intersecting lines,” Tyler told Tanya at the time. “And then 33 keeps coming in and when they do that usually means like things coming together. … [I’m seeing] in love. I see 33. It keeps coming in.”

Of course, this is chilling considering Tanya shared this week on-air that she’s in love with her current boyfriend, whom Seacrest has nicknamed Socrates.

“I also haven’t been in love in years so that fact, that is kind of wild,” Tanya agreed on-air, while Sisanie added that she has chills and loves this kind of stuff.

And to make it even cuter? Tanya’s new beau seems like the perfect match.

“For every year on my birthday, I make a list of things that don’t serve me anymore and I burn them and I make a list of like goals and aspirations for the rest of the year and he asked if he could do it with me this year,” Tanya gushed.

“He’s your soulmate,” Sis confirmed. “All her weird things that she does, he does the same things.”

Watch back the chilling moment in the video above and happy birthday, Tanya!