Tanya Reveals More About Her Boyfriend — And That She's Dropped the L-Word!

Love is in the air! Tanya Rad revealed to Ryan Seacrest and the gang on-air on Thursday, July 16, that she said ‘I love you’ to her boyfriend. ICYMI, Tanya’s been dating her boyfriend for a couple months now and has decided to keep him private for the time being, with Ryan Seacrest thus randomly nicknaming him “Socrates” after his butcher at the grocery store.

Tanya reminded Seacrest that she’s previously dished on-air her feelings, revealing she’s been ready to tell Socrates how she’s felt for awhile now, but there’s a few facts we didn’t know about Socrates until now.

“First of all, I haven’t felt love, been in love, for eight years, so I felt it but I was so nervous,” Tanya explained. “I’ll give you a little bit of backstory: When I was like feeling this I was in a little bit of a slump. I felt like the world was ending [due to the pandemic and current political and cultural climate] and I was just like, ‘Why am I waiting for the perfect time to say this to this man when I just feel like we don’t know what’s going on [with the world?] I’m just going to say it.’ [And] I knew he [wasn't] going to say it back because … he is divorced and has beautiful children so he’s in a different place than I am ,” Tanya shared for the first time. “Coming into this relationship, he’s just in a more cautious state than I am so I knew when I said it he wasn’t going to say it back, but I just was like, ‘I don’t care anymore. I just feel so strongly for you I need to say it.’”

So did Socrates say it back? Not so fast.

“[He said] something to the effect of 'not to say I don’t have those feelings' he just said 'I’m not ready to say that yet,'” Tanya added. “He got really emotional and he just gave me this look and I know he feels the same way. … I kind of blacked out the details because I as just like ‘Ah.’ … He still hasn’t said it back but I know he feels it. … It’s going to be mean so much more [when he does say it]. … It hasn’t been an easy road for sure, but he’s so worth it and this relationship is so strong.”

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