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Medium Tyler Henry Reveals Chilling Way He Learned of His Abilities

For two seasons now, Hollywood Medium star Tyler Henry has helped celebrities resolve unanswered questions, reconnect with lost loved ones and even foreshadow tragic health scares by tapping into his ability as a clairvoyant medium on hit E! show Hollywood Medium, but it is upcoming season 3 where he faced his most challenging client — the late Michael Jackson’s sister LaToya Jackson. On Thursday, February 22, the 22-year-old medium stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest and revealed to Ryan when he first learned of his talent and also what it was like to not only inform the late Alan Thicke of his health problems, but also to connect with the legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson. 

“It’s been [12 years],” Tyler shared with Ryan of when he first learned of his ability. “I first discovered my ability when I was 10 years old. … It happened in the weirdest way: Growing up, I grew up in a real conservative Christian household. We didn’t talk about spirits or mediums or anything like that and when I was 10 years old I actually woke up one night and knew that my grandmother was going to die. I just woke up and it felt like it had already happened … and I went into the room to try to tell my mom and … as I was telling my mom this, her phone rang, and when she picked up the phone, it was the news that my grandmother had just died and it came from my dad who was calling my mom, so that whole instance changed everything.”

Tyler continued that it took awhile to process everything but fast-forward to last year and his talent had never been more validated. During season 2 of the hit E! series he sat down with late actor Alan Thicke. As Tyler explained to Ryan on-air, he warned the Growing Pains alum of a heart condition that would ultimately kill him.

“As I was sitting across from [Alan] I brought through various loved ones and he was very skeptical,” Tyler recalled. “He was on the fence initially and as I connected with his grandfather all these details started coming through and a loved one came through and told him he had to keep in mind his heart and he had to get this checked immediately. He looked at me and said, ‘Very funny, Dr. Tyler.’ And unfortunately Alan passed away of a sudden heart attack a few months later.”

For Tyler, the emotional outcome was extraordinarily intense, but also validating in knowing that he can help people. 

In the upcoming third season of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, the reality personality had the chance to sit down with LaToya Jackson to help answer some questions about the death of her brother Michael Jackson. 

“That was surreal,” he told Ryan. “Latoya Jackson opened the door and my jaw dropped and I knew exactly who she was intending to hear from.”

Tyler, who never knows who he’s going to meet with for readings, revealed that he was able to connect with legendary icon Michael Jackson. 

“There were details that came through that were very specific, very personal and helped really connect the timeline of his passing and that was really a mystery to the Jackson family,” Tyler shared. “[LaToya] was really surprised … she got the closure and understanding of the technicalities of what led up to his passing — who was around and who wasn’t, that kind of thing — and some answers got cleared up that I think really helped her put that to rest.”

Listen to the full interview above for more from Tyler and catch the season 3 premiere of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry on Wednesday, February 28, at 9 p.m. on E!