Ryan Seacrest Meets Tanya Rad’s Boyfriend On-Air Over Zoom: Watch

Ryan Seacrest approves! Seacrest finally met Tanya Rad’s boyfriend — and on-air! While it was over Zoom due to Coronavirus social distancing and the #SaferAtHome restrictions, it was everything we imagined and more.

Tanya’s beau was also working from her co-quarantine safe house when he crossed paths in the background of the Zoom, prompting Ryan to want to say hello.

While we didn’t get to hear the mystery man’s voice just yet, we learned a whole lot more about Tanya’s potential “red starburst": Seacrest hilariously pointed out his tight hip flexors, confirming he’s in his 40s and got the chance to use Tanya’s nickname T-Rub, joining the inside joke.

Watch back to the audio above to relive the moment and stay tuned for more as we continue to broadcast live daily from the safety of our home studios amid COVID-19.