At What Age Do You Peak? Tanya Rad Gushes Over Her Current Boyfriend

Love is in the air! The conversation of at what age do you peak turned into a lovefest for Tanya Rad on-air on Wednesday, March 4, when she reminded Ryan Seacrest and Sisanie her new beau is in his 40s.

It all came up after Sisanie reflected she’ll be turning 36 this month amid the crisis of coronavirus. Seacrest then reminded her at least she’s not 45 to which Sis shared that Oprah actually says it’s your 40s and 50s that are the years to look forward to.

“You’re at your prime!” Sisanie said to Ry. “This is like your peak moment. … 40 is when you have it all figured out.”

Tanya then interjected agreeing.

“I’m very into 40s right now,” she said, hilariously referring to her new beau.

“What’s the difference from your view, Tanya?” Seacrest asked. “… You dated 20s, you dated 30s and now you date 40s, what do you see differently?”

“It’s interesting because I think the guy that I dated that was in his 20s was a great guy, [but] I think there’s a difference in 40s in terms of wanting to be a partner to somebody,” she dished. “Like actually caring about my life and my profession and kind of treating me more as an equal and a partner.”

Aww! Listen back to the full moment for more, including to hear what Sisanie thought when she first met her husband Michael when he was only 23!

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