Tanya Rad Shares an Update on Her Boyfriend During Quarantine: Listen

The On Air With Ryan Seacrest staff has been self-quarantining themselves amid Coronavirus protocol — but we’re still broadcasting live!

Sisanie has been holding down the fort at home while Ryan Seacrest is off and Tanya Rad connected with listeners today via the phone, sharing an update on her boyfriend.

“I have been seeing my boyfriend,” Tanya shared on-air. “But I’m also very cautious where he’s going and where he’s been and I definitely make sure he washes his hands when he comes in and that we Lysol anything he brings into my apartment.”

Sisanie then added that Dr. Oz is actually encouraging couples be intimate during self-distancing.

“The best solution if you’re holed up with your significant other, quarantined, is have sex,” Dr. Oz told TMZ on Tuesday. “You’ll live longer, get rid of the tension.”


Listen back to the audio above for more of an update, including to find out how Tanya and Sis are spending the forced downtime off the air.