Tanya Rad Reads From Her ‘Dear Future Husband’ Diary: Watch

Remember that "Dear Future Husband" diary of Tanya Rad's? Well, in honor of our "Dear Diary" segment on Wednesday's, Tanya Rad read from it and it was everything you'd imagine and honestly more.

"This is so embarrassing," Tanya exclaimed before she read a passage addressed to her future hubby.

ICYMI, Tanya would journal to her "ghost" husband and document dating life phases and recap first dates, including the one she went on with her now boyfriend (!!)

"Dear future husband, I had a first date last night and wow he was cute!" Tanya wrote in a passage she read on-air from 11/5/19. She couldn't continue to read the passage herself considering it also included the likes of "When we kissed, I got the tingles in my … and that's never happened to me."

Seacrest and Sisanie took over reading the passage which made it almost even better. Watch back the LOL moment in the video above.

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