Tanya Rad Is Journaling to a Ghost Future Husband and Um … 😂


Tanya Rad has been “feeling” the presence of her future husband 😂 and in true Tanya Rad form, she’s been letting it all out.

On Wednesday, March 6, Tanya shared with Ryan Seacrest and Sisanie that she’s started journaling to her future husband.  

“I’ve only made two entries because I’m only writing when I really like feel the presence of him, but I really felt him the other night,” Tanya explained on-air. “It was the craziest sense of peace.”

Tanya explained that she doesn’t have a name or visual of “him,” and that it’s more of a feeling.

“I don’t know who he is … he was in my apartment with me,” she continued, much to Ryan’s amusement. “… It was like his presence, I just felt [it], … I had this overwhelming sense of peace … it was almost like he was in the room with me … so I started writing — I wrote like three pages to my future husband and I realized … I’m gonna track all these moments and then eventually give them to him.”

Ryan was open to the idea until Tanya mentioned revealing her ghost diary at some point to her future hubby …

Let’s just say the mutual reaction was a hard no 😂

Watch back the funny on-air moment in the video above. Do you believe in visualizing and manifesting?!

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