Sisanie Reads Diary Entries From Her Childhood and OMG 😂

It’s Dear Diary Wednesday! Sisanie read diary entries from when she was 13 on-air on Wednesday, February 5, and it was everything you’d expect and more. Dear Diary Wednesday started after we realized everyone kept diaries when they were younger. Well, aside from Ryan Seacrest, but we’ll get to that later.

Sisanie hilariously shared that her diary from 1997 (!!!) read on the cover: “If you read this, please do not tell any living soul.”


Sisanie then read multiple entires, including one from February 9, 1997, and it was epic, including going to friend Jessica’s house and hanging “out with George and Jonathan.”

“I told Jessica I needed to kiss someone besides Steve to get that bad taste out of my mouth,” Sisanie read, continuing that her friend then asked Jonathan to “French” Sisanie. 


“This is so embarrassing,” Sisanie exclaimed on-air in between entries much to our amusement.

Watch back the full moment in the video above for more because it gets so much better and stay tuned for Ryan’s. We’ll read his yearbook signings because he didn’t keep a diary which will be equally entertaining. 

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