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Hannah Brown on ‘DWTS,’ Dating in LA and Not Wanting to Be an ‘Influencer’

Hannah Brown isn’t your typical reality star. The Bachelorette alum is competing on season 28 of Dancing With the Stars, but she isn’t looking to become an “influencer.” In fact, she despises that. The 25-year-old stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Friday, November 8, and revealed she wants to take home the Mirror Ball trophy, what she’s looking for in a man and much, much more.

Hannah admitted that while DWTS has been an “internal struggle” at times, she really wants to win and has put in the work to do so.

“That hasn’t happened because all I do is dance,” Hannah told Ryan Seacrest when Ryan asked how Tanya Rad and Hannah’s “Not-Wives-Yet Club” has been going. “I [practice] 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 hours a day.”

ICYMI, Tanya’s club is intended for single girlfriends to get together and go out places where they can meet eligible men and help each other strike up conversations.

“I actually had this conversation with someone last night,” Hannah added. “How do you meet people?”

Tanya told Hannah that she’s also recently found success on dating app Hinge and that Hannah should try it, but Hannah’s concern is the clientele on Hinge being solely lookers with an ulterior motive.

“I’m so over people that just want to be [Instagram famous],” Hannah admitted. “… I went on the reality TV show not really understanding the full — I didn’t watch the show before — now that people follow me on Instagram, it’s kind of weird and I don’t want to be an influencer,” she added. “Of course I have that opportunity and there will be times where I decide is this something I want to do or not? But that is not my main focus at all and I feel like a lot of people that go on reality TV, that is the goal and they’re fine with that, and that is infuriating.”

The Alabama native, who on the Bachelorette ended her engagement to frontrunner Jed Wyatt in the dramatic season 15 finale only to reunite with runner-up Tyler, is single after the brief fling with Tyler ended with the model moving to NYC and dating Gigi Hadid. 

“Especially for somebody like me who was really pure going into it and then you get freaked over, I just can’t deal with it. I really can’t deal with it,” Hannah expressed, without naming names. “So I just want somebody that is a professional that already has their crap together and would almost like encourage me to not do the influencer thing [and] to have like a real career.”


Listen back to Hannah’s full interview above and be sure to vote for Hannah on Dancing With the Stars on Mondays on ABC at 8/7c.