Bachelorette Hannah B. Spills All Filming Secrets: Stalking to Uneaten Food

OK, but really, what do they do with all that uneaten food on The Bachelorette!? Ryan Seacrest got all the behind-the-scenes intel you've always wanted to know from season 15 Bachelorette Hannah B. On Monday, May 20.

The Alabama native stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest and dished that yes, she tried to social media stalk her suitors, but, no, she’s not allowed to have her phone. 

“I just have to go on what I see,” Hannah B. said while chatting about the hit ABC franchise. “It’s really cheesy,” she added of those first impression moves. “… But that first night is so intimidating and so scary … so I try to be really encouraging. … [It starts] around 9 p.m. and they didn’t finish until 7 a.m.”

As for if she gets any say in the 30 lucky men chosen to vie for her heart, Hannah B. said no, but that she’s in good hands. 

“The people on the show love and know everything about me so I think that comes into play,” she shared. “… I feel comfortable. The first night is hard because you’re having two minute conversations.”

Over the course of the 2 1/2 months it takes to film, she also can’t talk with family members or her parents. 

“It’s OK with me,” she joked. “No, I love my parents.” 

And as for the food viewers always see untouched on dates?

“I always stick my finger in it to see if it’s cold and I’ll be like, ‘Cold!’” Hannah hilariously shared. “There was one time I stuck my finger on the plate and it was warm and I was like ‘Ah! I can eat this one!’ But they wouldn’t let me," she added, joking that host Chris Harrison probably takes it home. "It’s really good food. It’s probably better than what we’re actually eating.” 

She also admitted to sending men home who were bad kissers — Hannah’s PSA to all men is to “soften your lips, go slow and … [remember that] women are not microwaves, we’re ovens, you’ve got to heat us up” — and that yes, she feared for the men’s social media profiles she couldn’t see.

“I’m like ‘Oh my God, who am I having feels for? What if they post mirror pics?’” she hilariously concluded of not being able to see their Instagrams. “I tried to ask [producers]. I’d be like ‘Please! Please can you just go look?’ But they’re all private. We all have to be off social media, but I’d be like, ‘Just go look at their [tiny profile] picture and please tell me it’s not a mirror pic!’”

Watch back the video above to hear more and catch Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette on ABC on Mondays at 8/7c.