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Chris Harrison Reveals Colton Underwood “Snapped” Before Fence Jump

The fence! If you caught The Bachelor last night, then you finally saw the highly-anticipated episode of Colton Underwood running from camera crews and jumping over a fence in Portugal.

(Warning: spoilers ahead if you didn't watch the latest episode.)

It all went down after he confessed his love to frontrunner Cassie. She, however, unfortunately couldn’t reciprocate the feelings and ended up sending herself home. 

"I told him, 'What are you, Liam Neeson? You're gonna go to the Embassy?’” host Chris Harrison told Entertainment Tonight after the fact. “He said, 'Well, I grabbed my wallet.' I'm like, 'You don't have a phone, you don't have a passport, where are you going?' But he was just done, and I think that was the whole point," Harrison added. "He finally thought he figured this whole thing out and figured out that he loves Cassie and this is it, and then Cassie realized his greatest fear and crushed him."

"He just kind of broke and snapped and he was done," Harrison added. "I don't think I realized the severity of it until I was trying to walk after him."

According to Colton, he just needed some alone time.

"I was gone for quite a bit. Chris was chasing after me trying to find me,” he recalled. “I just needed to get away. I needed time and I think I realized I wanted to just be to myself and just sit in that moment by myself and realize whats best for me as a human being," he explained. "[I had to figure out] what do I need next." 

Chris also told Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday, March 5, that he was surprised Colton was in so deep with Cassie.

"I didn’t know the extent to which he was really committed to Cassie," Harrison admitted, revealing that he also feels for fellow contestants Hannah G. and Tayshia, who have yet to be informed about his declaration of love .

Did you catch the episode? What did you think about Cassie leaving?

Listen back to Ryan Seacrest's interview with Chris Harrison in the audio above for more too!

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