Colton Underwood's First 'Bachelor' Promo Is... Wild To Say The Least

"What just happened?"

Colton Underwood may not have been Bachelor Nation's first choice as The Bachelor, but from the looks of his drama-filled (and I mean FILLED) Bachelor promo, he should have been!

From endless tears (on both his behalf and his contestants) to incredibly hot Colton freeze frames (there are so so many slow-mo shots of him working out and just being hot) to yelling matches between the ladies, Bachelor season 23 looks like it might be the best and most intense season yet.

While the first forty seconds of the promo features everyone mentioning the 26-year-old's virginity (it's clearly going to be a running theme this season), the rest of the promo video is all about Colton kinda sorta sucking at finding love, which as any Bachelor fan can tell you, makes for some good TV.

At one point in the trailer, Colton's shown hysterically crying, saying, "every time I put myself out there I get rejected." Then one of the contestants is actually shown rejecting him, saying, "I can't accept your proposal." But, that's just the tip of the drama iceberg. Seconds after a montage is played of seemingly every contestant in tears, Colton appears back on the screen storming away from the Bachelor mansion. As he appears to push Chris Harrison away from him while walking down a dark street, Colton is heard saying, "I'm f**king done." With a confused Chris calling after him, the former NFL player then hurls himself over a fence in what seems like his way of saying he's leaving the show. 

To watch the full trailer, click the video above!

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