Tanya Invites Single Hannah B. Into Her ‘Not-Wives-Yet Club’: Watch

Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette was, as Chris Harrison said, like one we’ve never seen before. The Alabama native stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Thursday, August 1, after ending her engagement to frontrunner Jed Wyatt in the dramatic season 15 finale and dished all. 

“I’ve just got to smile through it,” Hannah told Seacrest while discussing the fate of her season, which concluded with her ending her engagement with Jed after finding out he was dishonest about having another relationship prior to the start of the show. “… I was very upfront about what I wanted during this whole journey … and I think [when Jed lied] that’s when I was like, 'This is not what I said ‘yes’ to.' And not what I want and not what I deserve and I’m so much more than that girl that maybe would have stayed and would’ve sacrificed my happiness to just be with a man,” she continued. “… I’ve realized I don’t need a man … I deserve somebody who also deserves to be in my life.” 

Hannah added that she felt like Jed was trying to protect her, but that he ended up hurting her even more. 

“I learned a lot through this,” Hannah explained. “I realized my strength and that’s something I’m so thankful for. … I think this is a chapter in my life I can really take moving forward … and to [show others to] not settle.”

Speaking of chapters in Hannah’s life, she’s officially moved to Los Angeles and although she’s asked runner-up Tyler C. out to drinks, she’s single and will be navigating dating life for the first time in L.A.

“I haven’t even thought about dating at this point yet,” Hannah told Seacrest. “… I have no idea what it’s going to be like dating in L.A.”

And, this, is where our girl Tanya Rad comes in.

“I’m starting a ‘Not-Wives-Yet Club’ with my single girlfriends and you can join it with us,” Tanya told Hannah. “… It was formed last weekend; I was with two of my girlfriends and we just realized that one of my girlfriends is in such a slump and she’s not meeting any men and I was like, ‘Let’s actually make it a mission to go to these hot beds where the men are.’ Like, downtown, and we’re all gonna go to happy hour downtown where all these men [flock after work].’”

Hannah B. adorably accepted the invite and also dished she’s ready to just go on a regular date.

“I think it would be really cool to just hang out at this point,” she concluded following her whirlwind of a season. “For me, hanging out is just like have a glass wine; maybe eat some pizza; walk around outside.” 

Watch back the videos above for more, including to see Hannah B.’s reaction to Tanya Rad’s current dating situation with Lucky Charms.