Nick Jonas Confirms There’s Another Album on the Way, Gushes Over Priyanka

Praise be! Nick Jonas revealed to Ryan Seacrest the Jonas Brothers have a plethora of new music they’re ready to release following their return as a group with fifth studio album Happiness Begins. The “Sucker” singer, who has signed on to join season 18 of The Voice, also shared how his wife, Priyanka Chopra, pulled off his epic 27th birthday party in Chicago at Soldier Field.

“I couldn’t have predicted any of the things that have happened in the last … 10 months,” the Camp Rock alum admitted while chatting on-air with Seacrest on Thursday, October 10. “… Just to look back on these last 9, 10 months to see how drastically my life has changed … it’s really special. I’m blown away.”

To recap, the 27-year-old married wife Priyanka Chopra in December 2018 and made a seriously successful comeback with his brothers, dropping Happiness Begins, after taking a six year break and focusing on their solo careers.

“It does help,” Nick said while reflecting on being able to share his success and high times with wife Chopra. “I think having that person, your person, kind of changes the game in a way and when you’re happy and you love what you do, you’re able to contribute your best art and work … and also enjoying these moments with someone you love and care about is the most special thing.”

Speaking of work, Ryan Tedder previously teased to Seacrest on-air he’s been busy working on new Jonas Brothers’ music. While clearing the air about that Beyoncé, Adele and Chris Martin OneRepublic collab, Tedder mentioned he was working on a new JoBros’ verse.

“That is very exciting,” Nick confirmed. “So Ryan [Tedder] and the whole gang from the last album [Happiness Begins] — in addition to some new people — have been working hard with us on new music and we felt like why not keep it rolling?” Nick explained. “… [So] our friends and collaborators all came out to this island in the Caribbean and we rented a house and wrote 15, 16 songs that we’re really proud of and anxious to get them out for people to hear.”

Nick added that they like to getaway from it all while working on music, hence the remote island getaway.

“When you get out of your normal comfort zone and your everyday routine, on a creative level, I think you’re able to see things a little differently and kind of bring a new energy to it which is key,” he concluded.

Listen back to the full interview above for more, including to hear how Chopra pulled off his birthday at the Bears' Solider Field with her “persuasive and charming nature” and how he now plans on setting the tone for her birthday … 😂