Nick Jonas Did Something No Other Man Ever Did For Priyanka Chopra

As if I didn't love Nick Jonas so much already, but finding THIS out made me love him even more. Nick is a guy that loves a modern woman, which I'm obviously here for.

His wife, Priyanka, opened up about how she "judged a book by it's cover" with Nick. She didn't think that what was going on between them at the time would turn out to be what it is today! She revealed, "When I started actually dating Nick, he surprised me so much."

During one of Priyanka and Nick's first dates, she told him she had to leave for a meeting and he didn't ask her to move that commitment. Nick said, "I Know you wouldn't have gotten to where you are without hard work, so go to the meeting and come back." Priyanka never had any other man she had dated do that for her before.

When I heard this I was obsessed. I love it so much because it goes to show you that when the relationship is right, you can BOTH be yourselves and keep living your lives while having respect for each other.