The Jonas Brothers Dish on Reuniting, Getting Married, Their Docu and More!

The Jonas Brothers are back — and all grown up! Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, March 6, and dished on everything from reuniting, getting engaged and married, their forthcoming documentary and more. 

The brothers sent their fans into a frenzy when they released “Sucker” on March 1, officially reuniting after taking a hiatus back in 2013. 

“We started the discussions first of all about making a documentary,” Nick explained to Ryan Seacrest of their return. “And then it evolved into spending so much time together and working together again and saying we really want to give this another shot and we feel like we’re at this place in our lives as a family where we could actually do it and it would be healthy.”

The documentary, which is in partnership with Amazon, will showcase the Jonas Brothers’ upbringing and their life growing up in the spotlight, as well as their return as a band.

“We were shooting this thing to tell the story of the brothers and our history and the last 15, 20 years of our life doing music and it kind of changed halfway through to something like, ‘Oh, wait, now we have a documentary of we want to get back together’ and we were in Cuba at one point sitting there playing music again,” Joe added. “And that’s when it clicked … we just finally said, ‘Let’s just go for it and see what happens.’”

Their personal lives have also since been at the forefront of the spotlight, with all three brothers now spoken for!

On the heels of Kevin’s 10-year wedding anniversary with wife Danielle Jonas, Nick Jonas recently tied the knot with actress Priyanka Chopraand Joe Jonas is set to wed Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner

“They know like up until the moment it happens,” Joe dished, revealing that yes, the whole family is informed when anyone is about to propose. 

They came with me to get the ring actually,” Nick added. “We had to shut down the store. … You don’t [know how to get the perfect ring],” he added when Ryan asked. “All I knew was it had to be Tiffany’s. [Priyanka] had a special connection with her father who passed some years ago so I knew it had to be Tiffany’s and, at that point, I just said ‘Guys, I need help,’ because I had no idea what I was doing so they came and helped because they’d both done it before and had done a very good job.”

Kevin, who is dad to adorable daughters Alena and Valentina, poked fun at Nick’s extravagant wedding to Priyanka, which extended into what seemed like 100 different weddings, while chatting about Joe’s forthcoming nuptials.

“I have [picked a date],” Joe admitted. “All I can say is this summer. It’s happening. There’s still details [to lock down],” he continued. “I keep forgetting — I’m like, ‘Oh, wait, I’m like three months out, four months out.’”

When it comes to being hands on with the planning, Joe added that he started out “pretty aggressive” but has since deferred to his fiancée.”

“I just trust Sophie,” he said. “I’m like, ‘Whatever, you got this! You’ll make it great.’"

The guest list is also still being finalized. 

“You try for a small wedding and then you want to invite everybody so I think its staring to become bigger and bigger,” Joe shared.

“Or you can do like 18 [weddings] like Nick,” Kevin then teased, to which Nick quipped: “It was two weddings! … And a bunch of parties ... It was great.” 

Watch back to the full interview in the videos above for more, including how they worked with Ryan Tedder on the track and what’s next!