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Wait, Does Giuliana Rancic Have the Perfect Man for Tanya Rad? Watch!

Giuliana Rancic is back! The E! News host has returned to the daily entertainment news show after leaving the program to focus on motherhood three years ago. The mom to Duke, 6, stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Thursday, September 6, to chat about her return — reuniting with former E! co-host Ryan Seacrest! — and also revealed she might be the matchmaker our girl Tanya Rad has been looking for!

“I’m so happy to see you and speak to you, but before we get into it, there’s a bone here that Tanya has to pick with you,” Ryan told Giuliana. “She told me that you were supposed to set her up with someone and you never did.”

Giuliana scanned her memory and remembered immediately:

“Ivan!” she exclaimed. “He’s a friend in Chicago. He’s a friend of Bill and I and I posted him on my Insta Story one day and then you posted ‘Ooo cute! Hook me up’ and then I was like ‘OK, let me set it up.’ But I do a lot of work and planning and research into these setups — this is why they work — and I was talking to him and then I wrote you recently and I was curious why you never wrote me back. It was a few weeks ago … but, yes, he’s definitely interested. Should we call him?”

Giuliana continued that Ivan works in real estate and is a friend of her husband, Bill Rancic

The TV personality does indeed have an amazing track record of setting up couples — she’s responsible for introducing E! News co-host Jason Kennedy to his now-wife Lauren Scruggs

Watch the moment in the video above.

And, of course, YES! we are going to call him! Tune back in tomorrow morning, Friday, September 7, because we are going to put Giuliana’s matchmaking skills to the test along with our beloved wingman Ryan and call Ivan on-air!

E! News airs weeknights on E! at 7/6c.