Tanya Rad Gives Ryan the Final Dr. W Update: “I Wish Him Well”


On to the next one! Tanya Rad and “Dr. W” are no longer dating. Tanya shared the update with Ryan Seacrest on-air on Thursday, July 19, revealing that things have fizzled out between her and Dr. Wussy turned Dr. Wonderful. 

“The Dr. W update is that this is the final Dr. W update,” Tanya told Ryan. “It’s OK. I think there comes a point in every relationship where you have those conversations and things don’t work out or they’re not going to stand the test of time if that makes sense?”

Tanya continued that she was “sad” at first, but she’s looking on the bright side. 

“I was sad because I think I get a little ahead of myself with things. Like, I get really excited really fast so I was definitely sad, but I’m not heartbroken," she continued. "It’s all good. He’s great. I wish him well. If anything it made me [realize] I hadn’t felt this way in a really long time about somebody. Like I’d been going on dates and they were just bad and I wasn’t feeling chemistry and I had those feelings again with him so I’m excited [I can feel that feel again].”

In fact, dating Dr. W briefly helped open Tanya’s eyes to the future. 


“If this guy wasn’t for me, the guy that’s meant for me is going to be so amazing because I just feel it,” she added. “I think for so long when things didn’t work out for me I was like, ‘Poor me. 'Woe me. What am I doing wrong? Why am I not good enough?’ And I feel like this time I have just like a better sense of self and I feel really confident and good about this. I’m just in a really good head space.”

Ryan also had great advice, reminding Tanya when his mom, Connie, called and shared that you can’t hurry love, you just have to wait.

“This reminds me of a quote that I’m going to read,” Ryan added. “‘You can choose to let it define you, confine you, refine you, or outshine you, or you can choose to move on, and leave it behind you.’”


Watch back the moment in the video above. 

Ryan Seacrest

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