Ryan's Mom Connie Gives Tanya the Best (and Cutest) Dating Advice

After attempting operation #RadBow, #TieDownTimTebow, and just flat out calling-Tim-directly-on-air, it’s no secret that our girl Tanya Rad is single and looking for her “End Game.” Ryan’s mom Connie Seacrest has been dying to give Tanya a bit of motherly advice and during a new segment dubbed “Questions With Connie” on Wednesday, February 28, mama Connie finally got her chance. 

“I’m going to tell her the truth,” Connie adorably told Ryan and Tanya Rad over the phone on-air. “You know that song ... ‘You can’t hurry love, you just have to wait, love doesn’t come easy, it’s a game of give and take’? This is what I planted in [Ryan’s sister] Meredith’s mind years ago, it’s just the truth, you will know it when it happens. You’ll see fireworks.”


The song Connie is referring to is The Supremes’ 1966 hit “You Can’t Hurry Love.”

“Just relax, take your time, when it’s right, it’s right,” Connie continued. “When everything lines up it’ll happen. You don’t have to try, it will just all of a sudden one day when you least expect it … You can’t hurry love.”

Connie added that you also need to be happy and fulfilled with yourself to attract the right person. 

“You’ve got to be whole within yourself,” she concluded. “You’ve got to be a happy person to make that other action happen … just don’t look too hard.”

I mean, the best, right?! Listen for more from Connie above ❤️

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