Tanya Rad Gets Tim Tebow’s Number Thanks to Wingman Ryan and OMG

Best Valentine’s Day EVER! Tanya Rad finally got Tim Tebow’s number thanks to wingman Ryan and it all went down on-air. 

In case you missed it, Tanya has had a crush on Tim for awhile now and she connected with him last week ahead of attending his foundation’s Night to Shine event in L.A. While she didn’t get to meet him in person, Ryan made sure to correct the missed opportunity and we got Tim back on the phone this morning. 

"I see what you’re doing Ryan, you’re good at this,” Tim said to Ryan after Ryan finally put Tim on the spot. 

“Let’s hear those two magic words: I’m down” Ryan added. 

“It has to be I’m down? I can just say Tanya I’ll definitely meet you some time?” Tim responded. 

Watch the video above to find out what happened and to watch the exact moment Tanya finally got Tim’s number. (!!!!!!)

Click here to hear their original exchange, which is just as entertaining. 

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