Tanya Rad Updates Ryan on Her Second Date With “Dr. W”


It’s all happening 😍 Tanya Rad had a successful second date with “Dr. W” aka “Dr. Wussy” aka now “Dr. Wonderful.” 

On Monday, June 11, Tanya recalled to Ryan Seacrest their dinner date in full detail on-air and revealed they shared their first kiss!

“It was even better than the first date,” Tanya gushed. “Conversation was so easy. It’s so easy and good and he’s funny and this date was three hours.”

The soon-to-be (fingers crossed) couple went to dinner and then walked around the neighborhood for a bit. 

“His arm was not around my shoulder until it was,” Tanya teased, revealing they kissed.

“It was so good!” she continued. “[The kiss] was short, but good, because then we were going to cross the street … it left me wanting more.”

Tanya then explained that they ran into one of her friends named Mel, which Ryan didn’t like. 


Ryan hilariously joked that Mel threw off the momentum of the kiss.  

“We have plans this week to see each other,” Tanya reassured Ryan. “It’s all good!”

There is one issue though …

“He’s an Aquarius, which isn’t a good mix,” Tanya, a Cancer, revealed, adding that she didn’t let her inner Miss Tati overanalyze though. 

“I said I’m going to forego this — he could be the exception, not the rule,” she concluded. “I really can’t stop thinking about him.”

Ugh, cue all the feels! 

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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