Sisanie’s Mom Rosie Gives Us an Update on the Twins!

Sisanie’s twins are almost one month old! Twins Aiza and Maxon turn the big 1-month on Friday, June 2, and new mom Sisanie is doing great. Her mom, Rosie, phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, May 30, to give us an update on the 4-week-old little ones. 

“The babies are excellent,” Rosie gushed. “I moved in with Sisanie and Michael to help them. They both have a full-time job.”

Sisanie, who welcomed Aiza and Maxon on May 2 via C-section, is recovering well, Rosie added.

“She’s doing great. She’s very healthy. She’s recuperating from the delivery and she’s having a good time with the babies and no pains anymore,” Rosie said. “She’s doing wonderful and she looks beautiful.”


Rosie added that she personally has enjoyed being able to watch her little girl become a mom — and to two!

“We were not expecting twins at all and this is a very great experience to take care of them — feed them both at the same time, put them in bed at the same time, give them a bath — we’ve already given them baths every other three days,” Rosie added, revealing that Sisanie was adorably excited to successfully bathe both babies for the first time. 

Sisanie and Michael have also taken their first “day trip” with the twins since becoming parents. 


“Driving home from our first “day trip” with the twins!,” she shared on Instagram over Memorial Day weekend. “We went to Orange County for the day and spent the whole day with family. It was an awesome day btw. I still can’t believe we are parents... my love for them grows more and more every day! Happy Memorial Day Weekend:).”

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