Sisanie’s Husband Updates Us on Bringing Home the Twins!


They’re home safe! Sisanie’s husband Michael phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Monday, May 7, to update us on twins Aiza and Maxon! Sisanie, who is on maternity leave, gave birth to Aiza and Maxon on May 2 and got to leave the hospital over the weekend. 

Sunday, May 6, also marked Sis’ husband Michael’s birthday. 

“For my birthday I got a nap,” Michael joked to Ryan on-air. “We slept in our own bed which was great and they’re home,” he added of being released from the hospital. 

“Sisanie, first of all, is a champ breastfeeding and tending to the babies so I do whatever I can in the morning to get her rest,” Michael continued of their new routine, adding that driving the twins home from the hospital was terrifying. “I used every ounce of energy I had to get these babies home safe and the second I got in the house I felt like I was going to collapse.”


Aiza and Maxon got to leave the hospital after Maxon spent some time in NICU.

“Brother and sister are finally reunited after 48 hours of being apart! Aiza was all fussy right before this and as soon as Maxon was next to her she calmed down,” Sisanie previously shared on Instagram. “We all get to sleep in the same room tonight!!! #nomoreNICU #sismictwins.”

Sisanie will be off for a couple of months on maternity leave and since she can't call in or work, we will be keeping listeners up-to-date weekly with a new segment we've dubbed #StalkingSisanie by following her social media updates and talking with her husband Michael! Click here to find out more from Michael!

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