Pregnant Sisanie Gives Us an Update, Ryan Wins the Due Date Bet


It’s official: Ryan has won the twin due date bet. Pregnant Sisanie, who is at home on maternity leave, phoned in on Monday, April 30, to give us an update on her pregnancy and nope, they aren’t here yet. 

“I wish I had an update for you guys,” Sis said. “They’re so cozy in there. My prediction was today. I always felt I was going to have April babies and they were going to be born today … All weekend I had a few contractions here and there, but nothing like ‘Let’s go to the hospital.’”

Since it’s nearing May 1, Ryan has officially won the bet. He chose May 2 while Tanya opted for April 27 and Patty for April 19. 

Sisanie, who shared she’s tried everything like spicy foods to naturally induce herself, added that she now wants to hold out until later this week because she and Michael want a camera to film the birth. 


“Here’s another thing: our camera we thought we were going to use to tape the birth won’t work so we bought one last night and it won’t get here until Wednesday so now we are trying to hold out,” Sis explained. 

Patty, who is mom to two boys, told Sis that she should have sex to help induce herself. 

“I can’t do that because I’m in so much pain,” Sis admitted. “I have so much pelvic pain because these babies are so heavy. They almost weigh six pounds each … every time I take a step it’s like 'Oww.'”

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