Pregnant Sisanie Dishes on What She's Naming the Twins

Happy #HumpDayBumpDay! Pregnant Sisanie is 34 weeks along with twin A and twin B and in this week’s #HumpDayBumpDay update, Sis reveals that she and her husband, Michael, have decided on baby names — well, they were almost there. 

“I’m rethinking the way [one of the names is] spelled. Michael actually —  I was fine with it — and he’s like, ‘Do you think we’re spelling the name right?’ It was so out of nowhere,” Sis told Ryan, teasing that they’ve decided on names. “I was like, ‘What do you mean?!’”

Sisanie isn’t planning on revealing the names until she announces their arrival, but is sharing some other TMI final moments including granny panties and gas. 

Our mama-to-be is nearing the finish line and while also experiencing Braxton Hicks, which prepare the body for contractions and delivery, she learned that the twins are also “urinating about a pint a day” into the amniotic fluid that surrounds them in the womb (!!!). 

Her latest purchase was comfortable underwear for the hospital. “I’m very proud to say I’ve worn thongs this whole time,” Sis added, revealing that she finds granny panties uncomfortable. 


Her realest/most TMI moment of week 34 however consists of torturing Michael. Listen to the latest #HumpDayBumpDay update above to get the full story 😱

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