Watch Sisanie Show Ryan Her 4D Twin Sonograms For First Time

Pregnant Sisanie joined Ryan on Live With Kelly and Ryan on Friday, March 23, and revealed her twins-to-be for the first time by showing their 4D sonogram. 

“There’s something that you haven’t seen yet,” Sisanie told Ryan. “The sonogram! I have a 4D sonogram. I haven’t even posted these photos on my Instagram or anything like that.”

“We have a sonogram in IMAX!” Ryan joked before being brought to almost tears. 

“That’s a face! Oh my gosh, Sisanie,” Ryan exclaimed after seeing the babies for the first time. “I am in love. That is so adorable. That is so sweet. I’ve cried more than pregnant Sisanie.”

Sisanie, who is 30 weeks pregnant, traveled to NYC to fill in for Kelly Ripa who is on vacation. 

While searching for coats to survive the current Nor’easter storm, Sis revealed in this week’s #HumpDayBumpDay that she had to measure the circumference of her growing belly, and learned that her stomach is almost as round as she is tall. (!!!)

“I had to measure my stomach around my belly button because I ordered some coats online for New York and it’s 48 inches,” Sis shared. “WTF! To put it in perspective … I am 60 inches tall.”

Watch the sweet video of Sis and Ryan above. 

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