Pregnant Sisanie Gets Real About Woman-Scaping at 33 Weeks Pregnant

It’s #HumpDayBumpDay and officially no topic is off-limits. Sisanie is now 33 weeks pregnant with her twins-to-be and today she shared with us probs her most TMI confession to date.

“Let’s just say I have neglected areas of my body because I can’t see them so I spent about 45 minutes in the shower yesterday woman-scaping,” Sisanie shared with Ryan on-air. “I basically had to go blind because I had this little mirror to try to see what I was doing,” she added to Ryan’s surprise. 

“I feel like a new woman,” Sisanie added, laughing. “That’s what I’m trying to say.”

Shower confessions aside, Sisanie’s twins are now the size of celery stalks and each weigh over 4 pounds. She’s been craving her mom’s caldo de pollo and sleep has basically gone out the window. 

Sis also joked that she’s “dumb as rocks” due to pregnancy brain. 

“I forget things,” she shared in this weeks #HumpDayBumpDay above. “I’m clumsy all the time and keep running into things.”

But she hasn’t forgotten about her hubby, Michael, or her two dogs! Find out what she surprised Michael with above and click here to relive the bet the staff is wagering when it comes to her due date! 

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