Why I Wanted to Share My Weight On-Air

I have never received more DM's messages etc. than I did after the show yesterday and it was about sharing my weight on the air.

I was inspired to do so after hearing Khloé Kardashian share her's during a livestream and I felt closer to her; I felt moved by her; I felt inspired by her.

For me, weight has always been a thing. That number on the scale was reflective of so much and getting my number down was so important and I wanted to share what I recently realized is there is a happy medium: I eat healthy, I workout, I take care of myself, but I'm also social and I live my life and I eat treats & things that make me happy.

I realized that in order to have a balance I would never be at my "goal number," but I'd be where I am now: a happy & healthy 137 pounds. (That does, I'll admit, swing a little which I'm fine with.)

I realize 137 is HIGH to some and I realize 137 is LOW for some but that's why I feel it's important we all share. There is no normal number. It's what is NORMAL and good to you!

Let's not judge people. Let's not point fingers. Let's embrace our numbers & just know at the end of the day it doesn't define us. For me, this is my gauge. I know I'm happy here. I live my life here and I'm proud of it.

Thank you all for the messages, they meant a lot. I want to continue to have this conversation because it clearly is needed and necessary.

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