Tanya Shares Her Weight On-Air for Important Message Inspired By Khloé K

Tanya Rad was inspired to share her weight on-air on Monday, May 18, after Khloé Kardashian shared her’s on social media sparking an important message.

Khloé was doing a livestream with her sister Kourtney on Poosh and opened up about her weight loss journey, sharing she lost 60 pounds after giving birth to her daughter, True, and that she weighs 150 pounds now.

I"f you're trying to lose a significant amount of weight, diet and exercise go hand in hand," Khloé explained. "Now that I'm in my weight vicinity goal… I'm around 150. It goes up a little."

Tanya shared with Ryan Seacrest and Sisanie it struck a cord with her that Khloé was confident enough to share her weight publicly.

“I think as women, everything that I watch on TV, you’re inundated with these numbers,” Tanya explained. “I was just watching Little Fires Everywhere and the mom is 117 pounds and it’s like were inundated with these numbers that are so small and for me I’m 137 pounds and I could never be 117 pounds,” Tanya shared. “It’s like we always see these numbers that are so low and I just commend [Khloé] so much. … I wish more people would open up about that … I felt so moved … and proud and happy.”

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