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Is Tanya's Boyfriend Roby Jealous of Harry Styles?

Ryan Seacrest, Sisanie and Tanya Rad just interviewed Harry Styles last week! Everyone was so excited to talk to him about his new album, Harry's House, but especially Tanya because of how she reacts to him. She interviewed the "As It Was" singer in-person back in 2020 when she started dating Roby

But is Tanya's boyfriend jealous of Harry Styles because of her infatuation and reaction to Mr. Styles' presence?

"Roby is not a jealous guy. He is very very confident," Tanya was telling Seacrest and Sisanie. "He's never expressed jealousy ever in our relationship but there's something about Harry Styles that gets him a little squirmy."

Seacrest had some things to say to Tanya that assures Roby it isn't Harry Styles that gets him nervous...

Photo: OAWRS/Tanya Rad

Relive the hilarious video for everyone's thoughts on Tanya's reaction to Harry Styles!