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Harry Styles Called Tanya to Thank Her Personally: Behind-the-Scenes Intel

Can I just tell you that I am now the president of the Harry Styles fan club because I was completely blown away by just how much of a class act he is!

Over the weekend, I hosted Harry Styles' iHeartRadio Secret Session, and first of all, I’d never met Harry before so I was nervous going into the event just because I didn’t know what to expect. I went up to the greenroom to meet him prior to our interview and he was SO lovely! And immediately put me at ease.

Also during the interview I mentioned to him how his song “Falling” -- which was not in the setlist for that evening -- has really struck a chord with me ...

And what did Harry (the angel himself) do during his set?


Then to top it all off, Harry himself called me after the show to thank me for such a great interview! WHO DOES THAT?!!!?!

It was quick, and thoughtful, and meant the absolute world to me!

So my main take away from this weekend is that Harry Styles is much more than an iconic artist of our time: He is a BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL human and I will love him for my entire life.

That is all!

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(Photo credit: Thomas Falcone for iHeartRadio)

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