DeVon Franklin’s Spin on New Year’s Resolutions Will Set Up Your 2022

Photo: Credit: OAWRS

Are you ready for 2022? DeVon Franklin has your back! Bestselling author and spiritual success DeVon Franklin joined Ryan Seacrest to explain why you shouldn’t make new year’s resolutions, but instead "true" resolutions.

"There's a trap in the word 'new,'" DeVon explained. "… Because then what we think is what was old was wrong. ... I’m done with that. … It's about happy true you. Happy true year because whatever is true that is what I want to come through this year.”

"So often we're focused on what's new and there's almost an emotion we're not enough," DeVon added. "What is true? Who am I really? What really makes me happy? Who do I really want to be? … Instead of looking for the new, let's reveal what's true."

Listen back to the full chat with Seacrest for more from DeVon and ring in 2022 with Ryan Seacrest during New Year's Rockin' Eve on ABC!