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Ed Sheeran Shares Hilarious Story Being 'Blasted' Recording 'First Times'

Photo: Credit: OAWRS

We can always count on Ed Sheeran for a good story. The Grammy winner joined Ryan Seacrest on-air on Tuesday, November 9, following the release of his 4th studio album, = (Equals), and shared one track was finished after a dinner party filled with CBD pens and wine.

The crooner also teased his next album will be recorded entirely live on tour.

"If something's great, I'll write a song and if something's really hurt me, I'll write a song," Ed shared of the honest new album. "But, we're humans. … I’m a father, but I don’t know exactly all the things I should about parenting, but I’m learning as I go and learning about marriage. The album reflects all the good times and the bad times.”

One track we're obsessed with in particular is "First Times."

"That was actually I think the first song I properly finished" Ed shared. "... Now being a dad, I’m expiring all the new first times like seeing Lyra [my daughter] walk for the first time and feel rain for the first time and eat a grape and all these other things.”

The track was actually finished after one late night, which Ed loved.

"Everyone had these little CBD pens and we were drinking wine ... and I just got really blasted," Ed shared. "... At the end of dinner and the producer came up to me and said 'We did not get the right vocals can you come back in?' And I could barely open my eyes … and I recorded this vocal that's really, really fragile and gentle because I could barely sing … and I love it because it sounds so imperfect … and I think that's whats wonderful about it.”

That imperfection is what Ed is going to strive for on the next album, which he teased he'll likely record live. The singer previously shared he has tons of songs in the cue.

"The songs are finished but I need to tweak production," he explained. "What I’m going to do is end of next year, once I’ve finished the first round of tour, I’m just going to go in and play them live and see what happens. ... That's the next idea for the record."

Listen back to the full interview with Seacrest for more and stream = out now.