Tinx Clarifies Those Diplo Dating Rumors, Shares Best Spots to Meet Men

Photo: Credit: OAWRS/Tinx

Christina "Tinx" Najjar, the 30-year-old social media phenom and TikTok star who also just so happens to be a Stanford grad, joined Ryan Seacrest on-air on Friday, September 3, after Tanya Rad brought up those Diplo rumors and we took the opportunity to also get deets on the latest hotspots to meet men if you’re local in Los Angeles.

Tinx recently recovered from a shocking breakup and is dating again, making headlines for stepping out with another eligible, Diplo. So, are the two an item or what?

“Oh gosh, he’s such a sweetheart,” Tinx shared. “He’s a great guy. We went on a little date. He’s the best.”

When Tanya inquired further, Tinx replied: “We went on a lovely date. He’s a lovely man. I had a nice time.”

So, where does she like to go on dates if she’s into the dude? Hotel Bel-Air for a marg and less-glamorous locations like OTUS Thai in West Hollywood.

“It’s very low-key, unassuming … that’s where I take guys when I actually like them.”

For the record, Diplo and Tinx got frozen yogurt...

“Pretty much told us the story there,” Seacrest hilariously quipped.

Listen back to the full interview for more and stay tuned for more hotspots from Tinx if you’re local!