TikTok Star Tinx's Viral “Box Theory” Will Alleviate Your Dating Stresses

Who can relate? TikTok star Tinx joined Ryan Seacrest on-air to discuss her now-viral "Box Theory" when it comes to men and dating. Tinx, who can be found on social media @ItsMeTinx, shared online her theory that men place women in boxes when they met: either they want to date you, they want to sleep with you, or they want nothing to do with you.

The all-too-relatable video has since gone viral and Tinx shared on-air that it actually shouldn't be stressful for women.

"It's very difficult to shift from box to box and your behavior doesn't affect what box you're in," she shared, explaining you could "puke" and if the guy wants to date you, he'll still want to date you. "If he meets you and wants to date you, it doesn't matter what you do."

Photo: Credit: OAWRS Zoom

Tinx shared she hopes the theory will prove to women to take control over their own decisions and not fret over it all.

"Sleep with him when you are ready," she added. "Waiting to sleep with someone doesn't guarantee he's going to view you as relationship material. ...It should be freeing for women. I don't think it should be stressful. ... Do whatever you want, it's not going to change things."

Can we get an "amen!"

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