Patrick Schwarzenegger Shares LOL Reason Amy Poehler Would Get In Trouble

Working with Amy Poehler you're constantly laughing, Patrick Schwarzenegger confirmed while chatting with Ryan Seacrest on-air on Friday, March 19. The Moxie actor shared that while filming, Poehler's infectious laugh would cause re-takes.

Moxie, which streams on Netflix, follows Vivian, a shy teenager, who is inspired by her mum's rebellious past and a confident new friend to publish an anonymous zine calling out sexism at her school. In the film, Patrick plays a jock complete opposite of him in real life.

"It was funny the amount of messages I got saying I want to punch you in the face," Patrick told Seacrest. "It was actually nice because a lot of people were like 'I know you’re so nice and this is so different for you, but you’re really, really punchable in the movie' and I was like, 'OK, great.'"

So how was it working with legendary Amy Poehler?

Credit: OAWRS

Credit: OAWRS

"She’s amazing to work with; she has this famous laugh where we'll have to redo certain takes because she'll just laugh through it and the sound guys will get so pissed," Patrick hilariously shared.

Catch the full interview in the video above and stream Moxie on Netflix now.